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Donna DiFiore and Delectables 

Donna DiFiore owner and operator of Delectables Catering and Venue is no stranger to the hospitality business. Delectables Restaurant & Catering was a staple in the Tucson Community on Fourth Avenue for 44 years with Donna at the helm for 41 of those years. DiFiore started in 1976 as a waitress, then became the general manager, then purchased the restaurant from the previous owner, then bought the property in 1988. 

The new business Delectables Catering and Venue is catering off site to your home or business and catering on site for private gatherings. Bring your Lunch and Learn events, birthday parties, graduation parties and weddings to the garden or dining room. And please do stop by for a tour and view Wil Taylors originals hanging in the dining room. 

Looking for the Las Candalas Rental Hall?  The Adobe Bridge Club now occupies the Las Candalas Rental Hall and Casita. Delectables purchased the Bistro building and garden in June of 2017 and is now booking events on the property.  So, give us a call and come take a tour. The property is diverse and can accommodate weddings, graduations and many kinds of functions.  Here’s to another Delectables journey!

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